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Based in Brisbane - the largest city at eastern coast of Australia, the Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCCA) is an international company specializing in Chinese culture and performing art entertainment / shows. 


The main aim of ACCCA is to introduce fine Chinese culture and performing arts to the mainstream of Australia as well as to provide the top quality entertainment to the local Chinese community.

ACCCA would strive to promote and mix Chinese culture with other advanced culture trends and upgrade its status in world culture market as well.

ACCCA will also endeavour to introduce fine Australia performing artists and musical troupes to China for performance and culture exchange.


Creative, Spiritual, Artistic!


The main business of ACCCA is organising wide range of Chinese top artistic troupes to conduct high quality professional performance in Australia.

Since the establishment ACCCA has organised “Golden Autumn Gala Night" - Chinese Super Star Show 2004 by the Art Troupe of China, “Yarlha Shanbo" - Tibetan Dance & Music Show 2005 by the Tibetan Art Troupe, “My Dream" - Great Music and Dance Show by the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, and “Music in Splendid Attire" - Chinese Music Concert touring Queensland by the China National Orchestra.  Those performances had been well received and highly recognized by mainstream society and local Chinese community.

By now ACCCA is actively organizing the China Inner Mongolia Art Troupe to come to Australia to present “Mongolian Moods" - Pastoral Music and Dance from Inner Mongolia.  Meanwhile, ACCCA is currently planning the China National Acrobatic Troupe to tour Australia presenting its delicate program “Spectacular Acrobatics" and also, in joint with the China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co. Ltd., ACCCA is looking to organise a very popular Kungfu entertainment program “Chunyi - the Legend of Kungfu" to visit Australia as well.

As ACCCA has maintained rich source of Chinese performing artists, accordingly, in addition to organise high quality shows, ACCCA is able to provide local festivals, events and organisations with talented artists and tailored fine programs. ACCCA can also provide services for long - term contract artists and entertainment programs.

ACCCA’s another major business is to promote local multicultural activities by organising local Chinese artists to present casual and professional entertainment services at conferences, banquets and festivals both public or privately.  Accordingly, ACCCA has set up its own band of Silk Girls Ensemble to provide such services.  So far, the band has successfully provided high quality entertainment for Louis Vuitton Brisbane, Conrad Jupiters Gold Coast, the General Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Brisbane and Toga Hospitality Group, as well as many community organisations which were highly acclaimed by audience.

ACCCA will also introduce outstanding Australia performing entertainers and artists into China.   ACCCA is currently discussing with a famous Australia country music group to conduct concert tour in China in 2007.  ACCCA at the moment also works as the agent to bring a well known local Latin-Caribbean band to perform at up market hotels and bars in China.


ACCCA has a strong team of the first class planning, marketing, promotion and operation, along with a senior consulting group including various experienced experts.  Our strong influential support nets both in China and Australia helps to ensure the success of our event operations.


In last few years ACCCA has worked with various Chinese fine performing arts in Queensland and gradually has established its reputation and recognition in mainstream society.  We will work closer with relevant cultural bodies to continue in promotion Chinese fine performing arts in Australia.  We hope the future of Chinese culture in overseas would be more prosperous and bright.

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