Silk Girls Ensemble

Silk Girls Ensemble is the first professional female Chinese music band in Australia.  It consists of six charming Chinese girls from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, playing Pipa (Chinese Guitar), Guzheng (Chinese Harp), bamboo flute, keyboard, percussion and vocal.  Vivid and bursting with youthful vigour, the Ensemble performs traditional and modern Chinese music in a relaxed and joyful style.  The Ensemble girls, in their average age of just over 20, include university music teacher and conservatorium master student.  They are all very experienced in playing music with Chinese or western instrument since childhood and each of them has at least over 8 10 years performing experience on the stage. 

Silk Girls Ensemble has combined the genre and undertone of the traditional and modern Chinese music in its performance, meanwhile learned concept, styles and techniques of the western music, seeking for a special music effect of bright colouring change, fluent moving melody and popular music phrase, so that to form its own unique performing style.  In addition to regularly perform on the stage, the Silk Girls Ensemble also provides entertainment services for conference, dinner functions, festivals, major cultural activities, wedding ceremonies and family get togethers, etc, with many eastern and western, classic and pop repertoires for selection.

Silk Girls Ensemble welcomes attractive music girls to join the team together to make the Ensemble great future.  For the Ensemble details and performance bookings, please contact Tanya on 0422 191 618.

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Principal Musicians:

Minnie Sheng: 
Specialized in Pipa (the Chinese guitar), Minnie was born in 1986 to a traditional musical family in Shanghai and has therefore developed a passion for traditional Chinese music.  Minnie has been learning Pipa with many well-known teachers since 1998 and in addition has participated in numerous performances and competitions.  Apart from playing the Pipa, Minnie has also received training for dancing and singing.  Minnie moved to Australia in 2003 and since has been expanding new repertoire with tradition and modernism.


Sharon Wang:
Specialized in Gu-Zheng (the Chinese Harp), Sharon has developed a wide variety of styles in Gu-Zheng performing.  During her studies in the Arts School, she also became skilled at the Pipa playing as her secondary instrument.  Sharon has been invited to participate in many recordings and concerts, including performances in many culture festivals.  After moving to Australia, Sharon has been devoted to promote Gu-Zheng playing to the community as well as proliferating the Gu-Zheng repertoire.

Jessy Wu:
Born in Taiwan, Jessie is specialized in percussion playing and Suona (the Chinese Trumpet) as her secondary instrument.  Jessy has participated in many competitions and concerts with the Chinese Music Orchestra since the age of 9.  Jessie has toured with the Chinese Music Orchestras to perform in the USA, including Boston, Los Angels, Seattle, San Francisco and Santiago.

Nana Wang:
Nana started music training from a young age, where she began learning the Gu-Zheng with Professor Han at the Shandong College of Arts. Nana graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from the East Shandong University where she also taught traditional Chinese instruments.  Nana is a committee member of the Institute of Musicology in Gu-Zheng, and has been constantly invited to perform in solo concerts and festivals including her most recent appearance in Korea.  Nana is renowned for the stylish playing with elegance and confidence, and is celebrated for her vibrant tone, vivid characters and musical treatments with precision and punctuation.  Nana is currently teaching Gu-Zheng in her own studio after migrating to Australia in 2004. 


Maggie Chen:
Born in 1985, Maggie Chen began to study the piano and flute at the age of five and since has performed extensively as a solo flutist/ pianist all over the world.  At a young age of 16, Maggie gained early acceptance with outstanding results for both piano and flute to study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  During her studies, Maggie has won countless awards and scholarships including receiving her Meisterklassendiplom from Austria and being invited to perform with the Queensland Orchestra.  Maggie holds a Master of Music degree with full-scholarship and a Bachelor of Music degree in Advanced Flute Performance (First Class Honors) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  Maggie is also the first professional Yamaha music teacher in Brisbane and is currently teaching flute and piano privately in her own music studio and the Vivace music school.


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