9 September 2008

Successful Silk Girls Ensemble
Teaching Students Chinese Music in Coorparoo State School

Silk Girls Ensemble just successfully demonstrated Chinese music at Coorparoo State School for over 70 Grade 7 students, who are studying China and learn some knowledge of Chinese culture, particularly music and arts.  To provide students opportunity to touch real Chinese music, Silk Girls Ensemble was invited to demonstrate for the students.   In one hour period of demonstration, the Girls performed some traditional and modem Chinese music with introduction to music backgrounds and explanation to the sense reflected by music.  Then the Girls demonstrated playing methods and skills on individual instruments of Pipa (Chinese guitar), Guzheng (Chinese harp) and Bamboo flute to students.  At the end, some students were invited to practise on those instruments.  It is the first time in Australia to bring live Chinese music into school music education, which achieved great success.  The school teachers and students were satisfied very much for this specific music class.

Since its first public appearance at Queen Street Mall on 14 April last year, Silk Girls Ensemble is getting very popular now in South Eastern region of Queensland and is warmly welcomed by local communities.  In just over one year time, the ensemble has presented over nearly 40 shows in public and has performed at many important events and festival celebrations, such as Queensland Multicultural Festival, Bundaberg Festival, Fraser Coast Cultural Festival and 20th Anniversary Celebration of Brisbane Expo1988, etc, with total number of the audience exceeding 30,000. 

Silk Girls Ensemble now consists of six performers.  Their colourful costumes, sweet voices, charming smiles, beautiful music and oriental tastes in performance overwhelmed the audience time to time with loud applause and yells.  “They just like silk” – that is praise to the Girls by most of the audience.  One of audiences afterwards wrote to us:

"I have just spent the last hour listening to the silk girls ensemble in the Queen Street mall. I just wanted to congratulate them on an outstanding performance.  I heard the music playing as I was walking up the mall and was instantly attracted to it.  I really enjoyed the music, it was colourful, light and I really felt relaxed just listening.  Thank you.  Do they have a CD for sale?  I will keep an eye on your website as to upcoming events as I would LOVE to see them perform again."

For more details of Silk Girls Ensemble, please visit our website: www.accca.com.au.