4 February 2009

On the Silk Road
Local Silk Girls Ensemble Present Lunchtime Free Concert
12.30pm, Main Auditorium, City Hall, 17 Feb 2009

As a celebration for Chinese New Year, Silk Girls Ensemble, Australia’s first professional female Chinese orchestra, will present a program of Western classical and traditional and modern Chinese music on original Chinese instruments.  Silk Girls Ensemble has combined the genre and undertone of traditional and modern Chinese music while learning the concepts, styles and techniques of western instruments and classical music.  They perform a unique music effect of bright colouring change, fluent moving melodies and popular music phrasing.

The Ensemble has so far performed publicly at many important events and festival celebrations, including Queensland Multicultural Festival, Bundaberg Festival, Fraser Coast Cultural Festival and 20th Anniversary Celebration of Brisbane Expo1988, for audience exceeding 50,000.  “They just like silk” – the people, who have listened to their performance, described the girls.  Not long ago, to assist school music education program, Silk Girls Ensemble successfully conducted a live Chinese music class at Coorparoo State School for over 70 Grade 7 students, who were studying China at the time.  It is the first time in Australia to bring live Chinese music into school music class, which achieved great success.

Located in Sunnybank at southern Brisbane, members of Silk Girls Ensemble originate from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  At concert On the Silk Road, they will perform on pipa (Chinese guitar), guzheng (Chinese harp), bamboo flute, liuqin (Chinese mandolin), and percussion.  Vivid and bursting with youthful vigour, the ensemble will perform an oriental flavoured program of traditional and modern classic Chinese music including the beautiful music of Jasmine Flower, Crossing River, Colorful Clouds Catching up the Moon, and Joyous, etc.

The concert is sponsored by Brisbane City Council, and please go through Brisbane event calendar: City Entertainment Feb to Mar 2009, page 15, for further event details.  For more information of Silk Girls Ensemble, please visit website: www.accca.com.au.