19 October 2010

Top Chinese Erhu Soloist Miss Xiaohui Ma
Performing at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre on 2 December

As required by Asian Pacific Screen Awards (APSA), Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCCA) has specially organised a great Erhu master soloist Miss Xiaohui Ma directly from China to be performing beautiful and elegant Erhu music at Asian Pacific Screen Awards Ceremony at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre on 2 December 2010. 

Erhu, known as Chinese violin by most of western people, is a very stylish and traditional Chinese string instrument that is getting more popular in the world now.  Xiaohui is currently a most welcomed Erhu performing artist in China.  In film "Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon", Xiaohui performed theme music together with international class Cello Master Yoyo Ma.  It is an extremely beautiful, unforgettable and touching music so popular to the world. 

In many years, Xiaohui has travelled to many countries around the world to introduce and promote Erhu at international stages.  In addition to corporate with some international top level symphony orchestras, Xiaohui has also successfully worked with many ethnical music bands in Africa, Asian, Latin America and Europe to combine her Erhu melody into those unique music styles, earning great appreciation by musicians and medias from different nations globally.

At coming APSA Award Ceremony on 2 Dec, Xiaohui will perform "Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon" theme music and few other very famous Chinese classic Erhu solo music such as "Horse Racing" .  In addition, Xiaohui will also perform together with well known Australian chamber ensemble Southern Cross Soloists for music "Erhu and Southern Cross Soloists" specially written for her by Australian composer Mr Paul Dean.  It will be no doubt that Xiaohui will overwhelm the guests and stars with her lovely music on the evening at Asian Pacific Screen Award Ceremony.