17 October 2007

Chinese Idols – “Super Girls” and “Happy Boys”
Are Planning to Come to Brisbane in 2008 Chinese New Year Period

Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCCA) is discussing with very popular Hunan Satellite TV in China to bring its hot programme of “Super Girls” and “Happy Boys” onto Brisbane stage in 2008 Chinese New Year period.  Mr Liu Yiping, the General Director of Hunan Satellite TV, along with his 8 senior programme producers, directors and technicians, visited Brisbane on 14 and 15 October to inspect the venues and discuss the project details with ACCCA.  If the agreement be reached between ACCCA and Hunan Satellite TV, the Queensland audience will have a chance to meet the most popular Chinese Idols – the stars from the “Super Girls & Happy Boys” in next February.  There are hundred millions of fans of “Super Girls & Happy Boys” around the world, including couple of thousand fans from Chinese communities in Brisbane.  The project will be strongly supported by the Chinese Embassy in Canberra and the Chinese General Consulate in Brisbane.