Yarlha Shanbo

PRESS RELEASE: 6 January 2005

ACCCA Presents:

by The Tibetan Art Troupe

18 - 19 February 2005
QPAC Concert Hall & Gold Coast Arts Centre


The Tibetan Art Troupe will come to Queensland to present Yarlha Shanbo ?Tibetan Dance & Music Show 2005 to local audiences.  It will be the first time in history that the Tibetan Art Troupe has presented the unique Tibetan performing arts in Queensland and it will be a golden opportunity for Queenslanders to enjoy this breathtaking and stunning Yarlha Shanbo Tibetan Dance & Music Show.  The show will be presented by about 30 top Tibetan artists and will feature typical Tibetan dances, songs, costumes and music, both traditional and modern.
Yarlha and Shanbo are Tibetan words meaning snowy mountains or snowy territory.  “Yarlha Shanbo" is also the geographic name of a snowy mountain and its surrounding areas in Tibet.  According to Tibetan historians, the “Yarlha Shanbo" region is the origin of the Tibetan nation and Tibetan culture and arts.  So, Yarlha Shanbo represents Tibetan spirit and culture.  The Yarlha Shanbo show will be ideal for Queensland residents of all cultural backgrounds.  There will be a specialist announcer to explain the show to the audience in English.

Fri. 18 Feb 05: Gold Coast Arts Centre Arts Theatre
7.00pm - 9.30pm, 5588 4000  www.gcac.com.au

Sat. 19 Feb 05: QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
7.00pm - 9.30pm, 136 246  www.qtix.com.au

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Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCCA)
Mainland Chinese Society Qld (MCSQ) Inc.  

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