Splendour of Xinjiang

ACCCA Presents

“Splendour of Xinjiang” 


Music, Song & Dance Gala Night


by Xinjiang Song and Dance Company


7 - 8 December 2009, Queensland Conservatorium Theatre
Brisbane, Australia

The well-known ethnic performing art troupe from China’s western region of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Song and Dance Company, will tour Australia in December 2009.  Their spectacular music, song & dance show is especially produced for Australian audiences with the programme carefully selected from the company’s best historical repertoire and new creations.

“Splendour of Xinjiang” highlights the company’s most popular works since its establishment in 1949 and represents the highest artistic level of ethnic music, song and dance in the area known to the world as the heartland of song and dance. 

In north-west China, Xinjiang is home to China’s largest ethnic group of people with a very colourful and unique blend of cultures from Uygurs, Kazaks, Hui, Ozbek, Tartars, Manchu, Xibe, Kirgiz, Tajiks and Mongols who are all known far and wide in the world for being excellent at singing and dancing. 

“Splendour of Xinjiang” features 40 accomplished musicians and dancers, presenting the essence of the legendary music and art, and the ethnic elegance and flavour of Xinjiang.  This elaborate production of exotic and original music and stylish dance integrates the spirits of the thousand-year-old local ethnic heritage with the most recent trends in artistic life.  It reveals the real cultural spirit of this remote western region of China, and conveys enthusiastic feeling and a unique sense of humour through the impressive dances and music items.

Representing the best in the region, Xinjiang Song and Dance Company is one of the leading performing arts organisations with one of the largest fan-base in China.  Since its establishment, the company has toured to nearly 80 countries and regions in the world and has won many international awards.  The company has received great acclaim by international audiences and media which makes the company very popular and famous in the world known as a “Shining Pearl” from the heartland of song and dance.

As a link to the east and west in central-Asia, Xinjiang is also well known to the world for its rich resources and beautiful landscapes.  Additionally, its interesting history and mysterious legends are in the dreams of many people with vivid scenes of celestial snow-capped mountains, fertile oases, vast grasslands, endless sand moving deserts, ancient silk roads, and lonely travellers on camels hearing nomadic songs from far away……

To further interpret your dreams of Xinjiang, the “Splendour of Xinjiang” Photographic Exhibition will also be held along with “Splendour of Xinjiang” music and dance show to display photo selections taken in Xinjiang by 100 international and national photographers.

“Splendour of Xinjiang” is part of series Chinese minority nationality performing arts tours promoted by Australian Centre of Chinese Culture & Arts (ACCCA) in Australia, which includes “Yarlha Shanbo” Tibetan Dance and Music Show by China Tibetan Art Troup in 2005 and “Mongolian Moods” Pastoral Music and Dance by China Inner Mongolian Art Troup in 2007.

“Splendour of Xinjiang” Music, Song and Dance Gala Night
“Splendour of Xinjiang” Photographic Exhibitions
7 - 8 December 2009, Queensland Conservatorium Theatre
Brisbane, Australia

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Foreign Culture Exchange Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

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