Music in Splendid Attire

ACCCA proudly presents:

Music in Splendid Attire

9 -13 April 2006
Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich & Sunshine Coast

“Music in Splendid Attire" is an enthusiastic and breathtaking aural and visual feast presented by the China National Orchestra, casting 28 China’s most accomplished musicians.  The orchestra combines traditional Chinese instruments with modern electronic music and Hi-tech multi-functional equipments to create a dynamic visual experience and fresh innovative sound.

The China National Orchestra is a highly acclaimed world-class orchestra and a leading national music ensemble.  It boasts an array of distinguished first-class artists who have met with success both at home and abroad.  Since its founding in 1960, the China National Orchestra has visited over 40 countries, including UK, France, Germany, Russia, US, Japan and Singapore, as well as performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York and the Golden Hall in Vienna.

The Orchestra’s trip to Australia marks its very first debut abroad with this brand new music creation and artistic design - “Music in Splendid Attire".  The exclusive sound of the Chinese violin, bamboo flute, Chinese lute, Chinese harp, and a variety of other traditional instruments will take you on a rather splendid Chinese music tour.

More surprisingly, the show is also complemented by the unique and stylish fashion designs showcased by the performers.  This adds to the vibrancy of the memorable experience.

We trust the excellent performance of the troupe in April will strike the entire nation and numerous hearts as traditions meet modern genres.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience China in Australia.
Presentation date & Venue:

9 April Sun: Gold Coast Conrad Jupiters Theatre
5592 8303  

10 April Mon: Brisbane City Hall 
132 849

11 April Tue: Toowoomba Empire Theatre 
1300 655 299

12 April Wed: Ipswich Civic Hall 
3810 6100

13 April Thu: Nambour Civic Centre 
5475 7777

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