Mongolian Moods

Mongolian Moods

ACCCA Proudly Presents:

- Pastoral Music and Dance from Inner Mongolia
by The China Inner Mongolian Art Troupe

Lyric Theatre, QPAC
7.30pm Tuesday 13th February 2007  

With Support of:
Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

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The highlight of the 2007 Chinese New Year Celebrations

Over 700 years ago, Genghis Khan and his warriors conquered the world with his armored horses.  Today, his talented offspring is overwhelming the world audience with their exclusive music and dance of the local fields and grasslands. 

Direct from Genghis Khan’s homeland, “Mongolian Moods" features 46 accomplished pastoral musicians, presenting the essence of the legendary Mongolian music and art, and the pastoral elegance and ethnic flavour of Inner Mongolia. This elaborate production of exotic music and dance integrates the spirits of the thousand-year-old Mongol heritage with the most recent state of artistic life.

The visiting China Inner Mongolia Art Troupe stars the most competent musicians and artists from the Inner Mongolia Song And Dance Theatre Company.  The Company is one of the largest performing companies in China with 12 art troupes and music ensembles.  Boasting over 40 National A-Level performers, it has entertained audiences in over 30 countries and it is highly acclaimed in the world.  Its successful performance at the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Centre in the USA in September 2005 created a big stir in the audience.  Also its superior a cappella choir has won a number of gold medals in various international choir competitions. 

“Mongolian Moods" is specially designed for the Australian audiences, highlighting the most popular works of the Inner Mongolia Song And Dance Theatre Company.  The program is rather lavish, showcasing the unique Mongolian performing arts, such as a special throat singing technique and a combination of human voice and wind instrument played simultaneously by one single musician; legendary traditional Mongolian instruments; soul-stirring Mongolian long melody; implicit pastoral songs in various styles; colorful Mongolian costumes; as well as the splendid Mongolian tradition and modern songs and dances.  It represents the highest level of performing arts from the region.  Some of the music forms are entitled the cultural world heritage status. 

The show is suitable to all the audience with different cultural backgrounds.  Furthermore, a screen projection with English subtitles will be provided to facilitate understanding of the music and all presentations.

ACCCA is a special art organisation presenting oriental art shows.  It has successfully organised the “Golden Autumn Gala Night" by the Art Troupe of China, “Yarlha Shanbo" by the Tibetan Art Troupe, “My Dream" by the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe and “Music in Splendid Attire" by The China National Orchestra in Queensland, particularly the sell-out “My Dream" concert at QPAC Concert Hall in September 2005.  There is no doubt that ACCCA’s new production by the visiting China Inner Mongolia Art Troupe will surely impress everyone in the audience with their superior interpretation and special ethnic flavor. 

“Mongolian Moods" is bold and unconstrained, coherent and compact.  The whole show flows freely, taking you on an unforgettable trip from the thousand horses galloping ahead on the vast grassland to the eagles flapping their wings above the endless desert, and from the tranquil pastoral night to the romantic AoBao where the lovers meet... 

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Supported by:
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia
Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Brisbane


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