Review: 2016 Chinese New Year Concert

Time is flying into the Year of the Rooster now!  However, it is still quite fresh in memory to the Year of the Monkey 2016 Lunar New Year Concert that likes happened just yesterday. To share with you the concert splendours, here below are 2016 concert highlights, please also enjoy some beautiful photos!

1.  The Year of the Monkey concert was held at colourful and elegant Brisbane City Hall.  Attracting over thousand audience to celebrate Chinese New Year, up to 70 strong QSO musicians performed with four distinguished artists directly from China and presented very best western and eastern masterworks.

2. China's Legendary mezzo soprano, also a pop star for her sweet grassland songs, Aoyun Gerile sang three Chinese Inner Mongolian pastoral songs of Grassland Missing You, Greeting Guests from Afar and Night of Prairie with colourful costumes.  Shannon Coward at the West End magazine praised her “an iconic Chinese singer renowned for her melodic mezzo-soprano voice, was resplendent in traditional Mongolian costumes of red and white and she didn’t disappoint as she lent her powerful vocals to Chinese folksongs”.

3. Highly recognised for her duet with cellist Yoyo Ma on the Oscar-winning soundtrack for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the world known Erhu (Chinese violin) maestro Xiaohui Ma performed two of her best Erhu music with her virtuosity enthralling the City Hall crowd.  In the same article, Shannon remarked her “an absolute marvel on an Erhu who succeeded at plucking the heartstrings of the crowd enraptured by her as she played before instilling in that very same crowd a heart-racing good time as she performed Horse Race”.

4. The First Prize winner at prestigious 7th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition and praised as the “Liszt in primary colours”, a piano virtuoso Yingdi Sun played Liszt Piano Concerto Totentanz S.126 (Dance of the Dead) to Brisbane at the concert and overwhelmed City Hall with his talented fingers flying over the grand piano created pure magic dominating the stage.

5. Li-Wei Qin, world-recognized cellist, closed out the concert with a haunting rendition of Chen Qigang’s Cello Concerto Reflection of a Vanished Time. It is reminiscent of a period from the 3rd to the 6th century, one of the most turbulent and fast-changing periods in ancient Chinese history, and also gave birth to some distinguished artists and philosophers. There was no doubting Li-Wei’s sensitive, virtuosic and beautifully toned performance had genuinely reflected “Reflection of a Vanished Time”.  According to Chen Qigang, one of the international known Chinese composers, the listeners of different ages can connect their very individual feeling and experience to the music - childhood, love, career and one's whole life. The suite takes "Mei Hua San Nong", or "three variations of the plum blossom melody", a popular ancient Chinese piece played on the Guqin zither, as its theme.

6. The concert was led by the expert conductor Darrell Ang, the winner of all three top awards at the 50th Besancon International Young Conductor’s Competition, who as well as bridged the link between soloist and orchestra, provided an entertaining and often humorous introduction for each soloist and a background on the significance of Chinese New Year.  In QSO Season 2017, Darrel has been invited again for a maestro concert in Sep 2017.

7. 2016 Lunar New Year Concert achieved great success to high acclaim. The entire performance was so synchronised that as soon as a soloist stopped playing the orchestra immediately picked up the song to create a kind of back-and-forth conversation through the combination of Western instruments and traditional Chinese ones.  We have been requested and encouraged to present again 2017 Lunar New Year Concert that we believe it will receive even greater success!